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June 10, 2010

Persuasive messages are everywhere; they are used to emotionally hook the consumer. The brains behind the persuasive messages create an appealing image that becomes the representation of their product. The persuasiveness in ads in our society play a large role in consumerism. If a brand is synonymous with “youth”, then many older women would be buying that product. Corporations target a demographic, create an image, and then they have to sell. Advertisers have to do 4 things

1) Get the consumers attention
2) They have to reassure the consume that they are making the right choice
3) They need to persuade new people that they want to buy their product
4) And they have to establish an appealing image or personality

In Canada, what is more important than nationalism? The demographic “belongers” will do everything in their power to be a part of their community, and more importantly, their country. The Molson Canadian slogan “I Am Canadian” is a prime example of a persuasive ad. If you buy Molson Canadian beer, you will be Canadian, and who doesn’t want to be a part of this beautiful nation. It almost makes buying other brands of been a taboo, they are not “Canadian”. If we believe that Canada is the best, then this beer has to be the best. The message is brilliant, it support our nation.

Position: The product is for Canadians who drink beer
Brand Image: “I am Canadian”
Marketing: They use written and television ads

Who wants to look like an animal? Certainly no human being. The Lubriderm ad portrays a women posted next to an alligator, who are known to have extremely scaly skin. That is the last thing that anyone wants, therefore they should buy Lubriderm, it will prevent that. Millions of woman worldwide pay million of dollars in order to have young looking skin. They pay for plastic surgery in order to make sure that they do not have skin that looks like an alligators. If this product promises soft smooth skin, then the women (and even men) who want smooth skin will buy it. With good looking skin, one feels better with themselves. If you feel better with yourself, you will be more accepted. Therefore you will become popular. If this Lubriderm cream “heals” our skin, it must have a magical power because it is “curing” us of a “disease”

Position: The product “heals” our skin
Brand Image: “See you later alligator” The image is synonymous with beauty
Marketing: They use both written and television ads


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