The evolution of the television

June 10, 2010

1. What was your first memory about television? The first memory I had of television was a series named the 6 million dollar man I was 7 years old. The actor was Farah Fawcett, her hair was called the “Farah’s hairstyle” a new hairstyle that every teenagers copied. I remember the action, the male actor was under arrest from the FBI so he was escaping from one event to another, basically somebody killed his wife, but he was the suspect in the murder case. The team of the male actor was doing something unusual and was trying to be good people, and Farah Fawcett was helping him.

2. Where were you? I was in Astara, in Iran. I had a colored television. I also had a black and white TV.

3. What was your general opinion about television? I didn’t like TV, after watching TV I felt very lazy, tired, and at one point I didn’t want to go back to school. I just wanted to stay home and watch TV. And that feeling bothered me and I didn’t want to watch TV after that.

4. What about color/sound? I remember that the action seemed realistic to me. I copied the show; I made them my role models. For example, I wanted to be a detective because detectives were common on TV.

5. Were you hooked? I did watch TV after that, only at night. No I wasn’t hooked, I made a choice. It was conflicting with my studies.

6. Would you say you watch more TV now? I watch TV an hour and a half every day, which is more than before.

7. How much did you watch before? Every other day I would watch an hour.

8. What did your TV look like? Big, black or silver, we had no remotes, we had to do it manually (there was a dial on the TV). Since I didn’t have a control, I would get really lazy and use my feet. TV would get fuzzy, because we had antennas, no dishes or cable; it was one metal vertical bar and horizontals bars on it on the roof top. On rainy days the TV would get fuzzy, I would open the back of the TV, and there was a plastic button and I would play with it and return the picture back.

9. What is the biggest difference between television then and now? We had two channels, I liked it. Everyone was waiting to see the music channel, from 7:30-8, they played recorded tapes.


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