Politicians take it too far

June 11, 2010

What has politics come to? Playing Dirty.

We all know that one of the concepts of media is that media messages contain social and political implications. When there is an election, the society views a large amount posters, commercials, ads, etc promoting the campaign of a politician. In October 2008, Canada was a media playground. Ads and commercials were everywhere promoting the federal elections. I remember viewing at least 2 political campaign videos a day. Not to mention how much attention the elections were getting on the news. CBC posted news updates almost every few hours on the elections. It is safe to say that elections are extremely popular. Television can make or break a politicians campaign; negative media spreads can and will lead to the downfall of a political party. A great example of this was the Liberal Party smear campaign lead by the conservatives.

This and many other smear ads jeopardized the Liberals popularity. The national leader turned out to be Stephen Harper. The conservatives did not stop there, they continue to run a smear campaign on the Liberals:

Are these smear ads taking things a little too far? I believe that politicians use the media to their advantage to make fun of other political party’s based on superficial issues. If it weren’t for the use of the television ads by the Conservatives, the Liberal party may have won. The Conservatives used the ” Stephan Dion=Donkey” ( obviously not in those exact words) to win an election. The Conservatives won a minority government, not a majority. The media has a great influence on the public opinion on absolutely every topic, but what many people fail to recognize is the fact that the media constructs versions of reality.

The following ad was one that I first though to be fake, but turned out to be a real republican ad.

I cannot begin to explain how politically incorrect this is. Dan Fanelli is arbitrarily saying that all non white people in America are terrorists. Ads like this one are taking the campaigning too far. When racism comes to abruptly into play in the media, someone must stand up and take a stand. Politicians are supposed to represent the people, the house of commons or house of representatives are the ones who reflect our opinions, if we allow politicians to do such a thing, what are we saying about ourselves?

How misleading can these political ads be ?


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