June 14, 2010

Has the IPad become more favourable than the written book?

The introduction of apple’s latest product, The IPad, has many people stirring. The gadget provides many online stores and apps for buying books and being able to read them on the IPad. You can even bookmark your page; just like a real book.

Advantages of the Paper book:
– There are more available
– There are billions in the world referencing millions of topics
– Anyone can buy a book
– They are portable
– Easy to use
– They are cheaper than an IPad
– There are different type’s i.e. picture books, baby books, adult books, etc.

Advantages of the IPad:
– Portable
– Looks nice
– Technologically advanced
– Easy to read ( zoom)
– Easier to take notes
– You never have bad lighting
– Large amount of space

Cons of the Paper book:
– Paper cuts
– You need a lot of room space to store books
– Books may be heavy
– You have to search a library or book store to find them

Cons of the IPad:
– You have to worry about battery life
– Technological bugs and glitches
– Not all types of books are available for purchase
– You wouldn’t buy a 5 year old an IPad to show them a picture book
– Expensive

How do I know what to use?

In my opinion, the IPad was created to target certain demographics. For example, the CEO’s of society will be all over the IPad because it fits their lifestyle. They want everything first, and the brand image of the IPad promotes an easy, technologically advanced lifestyle. For certain demographics like the Belongers who value family and being a part of the community, I do not believe the IPad would be too favourable to them. The IPad is expensive, and you wouldn’t buy a 5 year old an IPad to start readings books on. The written book describes our civilisation, from the Shakespearean times to today. No matter how fancy the IPad is, I do not believe it replaces the written book. The written book has been here longer, and it shall remain selling more than the IPad will. Personally, I love paper books. The smell of a new book, the feel, and the no worrying about battery life really appeals to me. I mean how many people want to plug in their book every 6 hours?


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