More $$$ more problems.

June 14, 2010

Should music be free?

Teenagers, armed with their IPods, mp3’s, phones, and computers have all the technology in front of them to do virtually anything they want. However, the problem is, they are using this technology to download music for no price. They use torrents, limewire, Napster and many other sites to download free music. The debate of today’s time is, should music be free?

Many adolescents download music for free because that it is cheaper than buying music off of ITunes. The newer generations, such as myself, find it easier to simply download their favourite album off Limewire instead of paying for it on iTunes. If we are willing to accept the lesser quality for the exchange of no price, then let it be. The argument on the artist’s side is that they are not working for free. They are working hard to create music for their fans that in return should be purchasing their songs.

The Canadian Recording Industry Association found that conventional music sales fell a 35 per cent in the first quarter of 2007. However, 60% of all musicians believe pirates should NOT be sued. The internet has made numerous artists famous of more famous. If the internet is also causing problems for them, such as music downloading, then they should take the good with the bad. The internet, such as the website Napster, not only let’s music be fast accessible and free, but it also promotes artists. Many people use this site to sample music BEFORE BUYING it, so why prosecute the company that is also making you money? Napster was shut down by the courts.

If file sharing has made is more difficult for musicians to sell music, then they should concentrate on making revenue from different sources. Only musicians without talent suffer, because the others can make millions in profit from tours and concerts.

Many countries around the world are making it illegal to download music for free. However, not all adolescents have the $20 to buy their artist’s CD. Downloading online is fast and easy, and more accessible. It takes two minutes to download one of Kesha’s songs for free, so why not just do that?

Many artists do not only create their music for revenue, but to convey their freedom of expression. Has listening to someone state their opinion become illegal if we do not pay for it? In all fairness, if an artist is willing to put their music in the industry to express themselves, then why should we pay for it? If artists do not want their music to be listened to for no price, then they should simply refrain from using the internet to promote their music, or putting their music on iTunes. All in all, downloading music for free is a phenomenon that cannot be stopped, even if is illegal. Society will find a way to download it, illegally or not. It is the price that comes with the more technologically savvy generation; artists should find other ways of creating revenue.


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