Water is wet.

June 10, 2010

I believe that the water is wet claim has to be the claim that proves that society is gullible. Free Gift, really?

Definitions of gift on the Web:
A gift or a present is the transfer of something without the expectation of receiving something in return. Although gift-giving might involve an expectation of reciprocity, a gift is meant to be free.

“Free gift” simply points out of the obvious.


Viral Marketing is a phenomenon that encourages people to pass along a marketing message. The strategy behind this marketing is almost quite simple, the product has to be free to gain any type of popularity, is easy to use and send (i.e. copy and paste), it shouldn’t look like an ad, it has to be interesting, one can copy it/remix it, and it utilizes communication. Viral videos, a branch of this marketing, are videos that are sent along from one person to another continuously. These video’s gain popularity through the internet; typically through chat, email, and websites. These videos are usually funny and extremely interesting, as they appeal to millions of viewers around the world. Take the example of the “Baby dancing to Beyonce” video.


Many people have achieves fame because of YouTube. YouTube is a video sharing website, which is the ultimate home for viral videos. Everyone can view them, and since this corporation has gained popularity in large amounts, millions and millions of people use this website daily. You can sign up and make a free account, and voila you’re finished. From there you may upload as many video’s as you like, and as we can see from the baby dancing to single ladies, it can be any type of video. If your video gains popularity, and one person send it to another and that pattern grows, you’ve got a viral video.

Cory was born on November 11th 2007 in Auckland, New Zealand. Who knew that his dancing skills and a little help from viral marketing would turn him into the most popular baby ever.

The Baby dancing to Beyonce made it to many other websites as well. We’ve got Perez Hilton http://perezhilton.com/2009-09-24-baby-dancing-to-beyonce. Yahoo Video http://video.yahoo.com/watch/6089195/15822379. MSN http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/33018505/ns/today-today_people/?GT1=43001.

Unbelievably, it has its own website http://www.singlebabies.com/.

The baby in the video is Cory, who has made headlines nation wide. Take TIME for example, http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1929777,00.html?cnn=yes.

We can even follow Cory on twitter http://twitter.com/babycory.

As we can see, viral videos are extremely powerful, as the internet has become the most popular phenomenon since sliced bread; we have every tool at the tips of our fingers. One click and you can send a viral video. In my opinion, viral videos represent the strength of the media; the numbers of views that increase daily on even the oldest viral videos are amazing. The views on the baby video are astonishing, they continue to grow.

It’s Britney B*$%^ch!

June 10, 2010

Britney Spears has the #1 selling celebrity fragrance, making up 34% of sales.

Let’s take a look into how the brains in Elizabeth Arden that are behind Britney Spears’s Fantasy perfume used the consumer’s senses to sell their product.

Story: Britney Spears, the beautiful pop artist, poses behind a tree in what appears to be an enchanted garden. You could assume she is a fairy, or a type of goddess of the garden, based on the dress she is wearing which blends in perfectly with the background. The name of the perfume is Fantasy; therefore this ad just like the name of the perfume defies normality and goes beyond the conscious mind. Not to mention the fact that Britney’s hair is glowing. The shy garden fairy exposes her beauty behind a tree.

Models: The model in this ad is Britney Spears herself. She is an American entertainer and singer, whose popularity soar after the release of her first album, Baby I did it again. Her single, Oops! I did it again went straight to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1999.

Copy: There are written words in this ad. The first is the perfume’s name, Hidden Fantasy Britney Spears. The next we see is The new Fragrance. Finally, there is the perfume’s slogan, What do you have to hide?

Details: Britney is sporting a beautiful dress that has colors of yellow, red, pink, and green in it. She is wearing two sets of earrings. The main focus of this ad is on the beautiful fuchsia jewel encrusted perfume bottle on the bottom right hand side of the ad.

Point of View: The perspective of this is looking straight on at Britney, slightly zoomed in to show the upper half of her body.

Setting: The setting is in an enchanted garden or forest during the day (which we can assume do to the reason that we can see Britney clearly.) This picture takes place in a Fantasy land. Britney glows and we can assume that the lighting was increased in her general direction as to center the focus on her.

Sound: N/A

Color: The colors in this ad range from different shades of mainly pink in order to match and accentuate the perfume bottle. Her dress and the flowers are all different shades of pink. These shades can almost be described as light and cheerful. This perfume is targeted for woman, and by using that color scheme, it works to catch our attention. It appeals greatly to me, as the shades of pink are very girly and suggest a tone that could only be described as “beautiful”.

Are you ready kids? Ay Ay captain!

SpongeBob SquarePants; the lovable sponge that lives under the sea in Bikini Bottom. SpongBob Squarepants is an American cartoon created by Stephen Hillenburg.The show revolves around the adventures of the main character’s life. SpongeBob SquarePants quickly gained popularity. It was first released on May 1, 1999. It gained immense amounts of recognition after its second season and went to become the highest rated show on Nickelodeon. SpongeBob SquarePants is known nation wide because of its humor which not only appeals to children, but also to some adults. SpongeBob SquarePants has even won dozens of awards, the most recent being the 2010 kid’s choice award (it has gotten that award consecutively since 2003). That lovable sponge has gotten pretty big, evidently famous enough to have his own line of consumer electronics.

Corporations have taken advantage of the extreme popularity that SpongeBob has in order to make more money. They created a line of electronics that became available to the public in SpongeBob SquarePants form. The electronics range from a flat screen TV, a digital camera, a DVD player, a USB, an IPOD dock, an electric guitar, and even a thermometer. The electronics were released in 2007 by Imation Electronics Products. The marketing strategy was brilliant, they could target the older generations by taking SpongeBob to a whole new level. Adults could purchase SpongeBob themes material for themselves. Consumer Electronics are the key to success. High definition TV’s and DVD players are among the most popular consumer electronics in the world. They targeted numerous groups of people in society, the musicians, children, the parents, and even the adolescents.

Personally, when I think of SpongeBob Squarepants, I reminisce of good childhood memories. I would have to admit to the fact that I still watch reruns of the talking sponge. The show has a lot to it, from jokes that only the older kids would understand, and good morals to their stories. At the end of the day, I would buy a SpongeBob usb. Probably not the TV, but definitely the usb. Why not? The good childhood memories left me with a little soft spot for the sponge. If it worked on me, why wouldn’t it work on countless others?

SpongeBob Sqaurepants’s popularity continues to rise, and with the rise of the popularity comes a flow of money. Corporations use this popularity to market their brand even more, thus the birth of the SpongeBob Squarepants electronic line.

The truth

June 8, 2010

Mcdonalds.. when will you stop ?

1 part egg ( frozen, no doubt.)
1 part sausage ( needless to say, this is frozen aswell.)
1 part cheese
2 part pancakes injected with maple syrup

Nutritional value per serving
Serving size 1 sandwich (173 g)
Energy 420 kcal (1,800 kJ)
Carbohydrates 48 g (16%)
Sugars 15 g
Dietary fiber 2 g (8%)
Fat 19 g (29%)
saturated 8 g (39%)
trans 0 g
Protein 16 g
Vitamin A equiv. 90 μg (10%)
Vitamin C 0 mg (0%)
Calcium 200 mg (20%)
Iron 1.9 mg (15%)
Sodium 1190 mg (52%)
Energy from fat 170 kcal (710 kJ)
Cholesterol 240 mg (80%)

The McGriddle.. McDonald’s way of contributing to obesity. However, this isn’t the message we see coming from Mc D’s commercials or ads, is it? When Dick and Mac McDonald first opened Mcdonalds in 1940, I wonder if they knew what there food would come to in 2010. Even Speedy, the original mascot, was booted out of the way for Ronald McDonald ( a child’s nightmare I may add.) The McDonald’s franchise has become enormously popular and multinational, with franchises all over the world. It is known as the American way of life. Their vision? To be the most successful fast food franchise in the world. The reality? They are contributing to the growing amount of obesity. This company has become so successful that millions and millions of people all around the world walk in and walk out with a Mcdonalds burger daily. Mcdonalds ads, especially in the Vancouver Olympic time, portray fit and athletic people eating the Mcdonalds food. The reality is, Olympic athletes aren’t eating this food as often as you think. The ads are directed towards the audience such a children ( the great Ronald McDonald Happy Meal Scheme), Adults (Vancouver 2010), and even Adolescents ( half of their ads portray adolescents eating their food).

View this Mcdonalds commercial for yourself:

There isn’t one overweight person in this commercial.

Mcdonalds targets mainly the Belongers, as they are always striving to be a part of group or community. Family is a huge priority to them. The play place in Mcdonalds is brilliant, it targets children who are a large part of many families. Mcdonalds portrays fun and community oriented ads which appeal to the Belongers. The Vancouver 2010 ads were directed to the Belongers, as they wanted to be a part of the community and join in on the nation wide celebration.

In 2005, a study indicated that an estimate 5.5 Canadians were obese.
Fatty foods play the leading role in obesity, and Mcdonalds is not helping.
If one really takes the time to flip over their burger wrapper and read the nutritinal values, they would be surprised to realize that their ” healthy” salad option is worse than eating a Big Mac, or even the MC GRIDDLE.

Super Size Me, a Documentary by Morgan Spurlock.

Morgan Spurlock eats Mcdonalds everyday, three times a day, for a month. The results were shocking, Spurlock’s health was in jeopardy, he suffered detrimental blows to his health which were irreversible. After only five days, he had gaines ten pounds by eating Mcdonalds three times a day. This documentary provides an expert and hands on analysis of the effects of Mcdonalds food on one’s health.

All in all, Mcdonalds is a corporation. Making money comes first, the public’s health comes second. Everything they say or do is constructed in order to sell their food.

Are we Gaga for Gaga?

June 8, 2010

Media Consumption Inventory

Estimate Actual

Print Media Consumption

Hours reading fiction:               14 3

Hours reading non-fiction:        1 0

Hours reading magazines:        1 0

Hours reading newspapers:       1 0

Hours reading internet sites:     12 1

Total estimate: 29 hours

Total actual: 4 hours

Electronic Media Consumption

Hours listening to broadcast radio:  1 0

Hours listening to web radio:  0 0

Hours listening to pre recorded music: 24 22

Hours watching broadcast TV: 5 7

Hours watching pre-recorded video: 5 0

Hours watching web video: 0 0

Hours watching movies at a theater: 2 0

Hours surfing the net: 35 23

Hours on chat lines: 35 15

Hours using instant messaging: 84 65

Hours playing video games: 0                                    0

Hours playing web games: 0                                      0

Hours creating print/images, sounds, games: 0          0

Hours using cell phone/telephone: 7 4

Hours using a PDA: 0                                                 0

Total Estimate: 198 hours

Total Actual:  136 hours

It is safe to say that the technology today i.e my crackberry and computer own me, I do not own them.

Culture Jammin’

June 8, 2010

Where’s the fine print?

Absolut Vodka: Absolut Magic.

What they leave out of the slogan is the fact that it may kill you.

Viewing this ad immediately brought on flashbacks from Absolut commercials; beautiful women and men drinking fruity drinks and having a good time. In every single one of these commercials, everyone is having an amazing time. Why wouldn’t we want to be like the people in the commercials, grab a drink, and have an amazing time? What these commercials leave out is the consequences that drinking leads to. Not to mention the short term effects, over drinking, passing out, vomiting. The list may go on based on personal experience. The message in the ads and commercials for Absolut is drink our vodka and you will be young, beautiful, and have an amazing time. This is misleading due to the reason that not everyone that drinks vodka will have an amazing time, be young or even beautiful for that matter. A drink certainly will not make you any better looking. Ads are unreliable; they never include the true message. Here is an example of an actual Absolut Vodka commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKfFbWV0EMw.

Consumers buy the vodka they see in the above ad because it is a sure fire way to have a good time.  However, what the consumer does not realize is that this is all simply a marketing strategy. What the commercial left out is loss of inhibition, impairment of motor skills, liver damage, abnormal heart rate, and even death. We should ban ads like these because they do not leave a fine print or caution sign. What about drunk driving? The rates of drunk drivers have increased dramatically over the years. 60% of all homicides are attributed to alcohol. In 2009, Victoria Police breath tested 1.24 million drivers and riders from Booze Bus operations. More than 4000 drivers and riders were caught with an illegal blood alcohol level.

The ad by ADBUSTERS is genius; it shows Absolut for what it really is at a face value, impotent. Promoting drinking is not a good thing; it has detrimental effects on everyone. The masses health is not ameliorated by drinking vodka, it is the opposite. They created awareness in changing the consumer’s mindset by transmitting a message that is the truth. This ad forces you to think twice about Absolut vodka. Is it really “magic” or exactly the opposite? This ad beats alcohol giants at their own game, the message here is not misleading whatsoever.

The main social function of the internet is to enable the public to interpret the messages of today, and this example of culture jamming is a fine example. Corporations and in consequence capitalism lose money once the consumer sees the true meaning behind their product, and really, is this such a bad thing?

3D Movies

June 8, 2010

3D movies, is it a fad or an icon to be?

What is a 3D film?  It is a motion picture, just like any other movie, that enhances the illusion of depth of perception in order for objects on screen to look three dimensional.  A special motion picture camera is used to record images seen from two different perspectives. Special projection eyewears (the ever so popular glasses) are used to provide the illusion of depth when viewing the film.

When first emerged, 3D films were a short novelty in the 1950’s. They had a short life, and were deemed as a fad.

John Woodward, chief executive of the UK Film Council, had something to so about 3D movies, “I do think it is a step change, not quite as big as the introduction of sound but maybe up there with the move from black-and-white to color and certainly there with the introduction of widescreen.”

Audiences made Avatar the highest grossing film of all time.  Ever since the Avatar pandemic, Hollywood has been taking measures to do the same to their films, implement 3D technology.  Many people believe that 3D moves are vastly overrated, a waste of Hollywood’s money altogether. It is left to the audiences decision however, if the movies sells well in the box office, 3D movies will continue to linger in our society and as of recently, they have evolved from an Icon to a Trend.  Multiple movies are being converted into 3D, such as Step up 3, Alice in wonderland, Clash of the Titans, How to Train your Dragon, Up etc.

Upon the uproar of these 3D movies, all I could remember were the old school glasses that we used to wear to view these movies. View http://hubpages.com/hub/How-3D-Glasses-Work. Now, we have the more improves stylish glasses that are effective in targeting the newer generation’s audience.  View http://larryfire.wordpress.com/2008/12/09/new-3d-glasses-technology/. Everything about a 3D movie is crafted to target an audience. In the grand scheme of it all, the director has to take many variables into account. The demographic they are trying to target, the age group, and the gender group. Romantic films are targeted toward the female population, while animated films are targeted toward the younger children.  3D films are created to allure the audience to view the movie, because it has amazing graphics and proves a whole new experience. The first 3D movie I viewed was nothing like the ones available in the theatres today. The objects now fly out at us, almost hit us, and the quality of the graphics is a lot higher. The objects coming towards us are more frequent. In my opinion, personally, 3D movies are enjoyable to watch. The experience of grabbing out and being amazed by the quality of the movie adds to the enjoyment. The extra few dollars I am paying for the extra quality is worth it.

3D movies have already quickly evolved into a fad, and only time will tell with this matter. In my opinion, I believe 3D movies will become an icon, and in the next few years, a necessity in order to make money. As generations evolve, as does technology. We must create in order to feed the brains of the more technology savvy generations.